Hydroponics Growth Kit -6 Holes kit (Green)

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Hydroponics growth kit 

6 holes kit- suitable for singles and couples. (Green)

Starting a gardening hobby? This is a perfect all-in-one kit for anyone who wants to try out hydroponics. It is suitable for planting most leafy vegetables, herbs or flowering plants. 

* AB solution is suitable for leafy vegetables. 

What is inside?

- 6 holes box

- 1 set of concentrated AB solution (50ml each, use with 10L of water)

- 6 planting baskets

- 6 white sponges 

- Air pump

- Silicon tube

- Buoy and buoy deck

- Tweezers

- Germination trays (one with holes, one without holes)

- Instructions manual (english)

** Seeds are NOT included. 

** you will need a universal adapter for the pump.