Our Story

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My name is Tammy Ng, the founder of Yummy Sprouts Singapore. In Singapore where we mainly import our fresh foods from neighbouring countries, our nation's food security is left in the hands of outsiders. This got me to think about how we can truly be independent for our food source by implementing sustainable solutions in the limited land that we are in. For this, I spent 3 months exploring abroad, mainly in South Korea and China, to learn about the available technology the farmers in these countries are adopting. Eventually, I learnt how to adapt the technology in our local climate and Yummy Sprouts was born. 

Why sprouts and not vegetables? Sprouts take a shorter time to form then leafy vegetables, which mean they are less susceptible to pestilences and environmental changes. Research has also proven that sprouted food is more nutritious as the enzymes released during germination make its nutrients more available for our body to absorb. 

In Yummy Sprouts farm, we use automation and science to ensure our products are healthy and safe for consumption. Every month, samples of our products and seeds are sent for lab tests to ensure that it maintains good quality. You can be sure that the food that you leave on your table is 100% natural and safe for consumption. 

For more information on our growth processes please click on this link. Do join us in our events to learn more about us. 

Hope to see you soon.